The "Digital Divide" is the gap between those who benefit from digital technology and those who do not. This is not about technology provision, nor service delivery, but about actual benefits derived from access to these services.

Cognovi are specialists in developing interactive services for the significant minority who lack the skills, access or desire to use the PC-oriented web services.

Read more about interactive TV in the UK.

Talk to us about...

  • Delivering online services to people who cannot or will not use a PC.
  • Implementation of true cross-platform services across all the major TV and mobile platforms: Sky, Virgin (formerly Telewest/NTL), Freeview, Tiscali TV, and WAP.
  • The challenges of re-purposing web content for TV and mobile.
  • Developing richly interactive services for the Wii Internet Channel.

About us

Cognovi is a Dublin-based software development company, specialising in the design and development of digital interactive TV and mobile services.

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